• I’ve owned a few AdV knives and the quality and craftsmanship is impeccable. I do not believe that you could get a better custom knife for the price. Aside from the excellent products, Andre is a great person and always willing to help… even when I had an issue with a knife that I bought on the secondary market (yes, probably a headache and annoying for Andre but nonetheless he was always willing to help). I cannot recommend his products and service enough. I prefer to do business with a company that I respect the product but more so the person making it.

    Ronnie Laehn

  • Truly amazing craftsmanship with friendly service at all times. Quality knives with excellent design and precise touches!

    Adriaan Coetzer

  • Amazing Knives and Great Service from Andre De Villiers, I’ve handled a lot of knives and these are some of the nicest in their class! Always open to chat or discuss customization or support on his knives. Top Notch Businessman. Would recommend.

    Greg DeRose

  • I highly recommend ADV Tactical. Andre is very approachable and is always courteous and helpful. I have purchased four of his folders so far and have found them to be extremely well built, capable and amazing value for money. I love the futuristic aspect of his designs and the custom options available that make it just that little bit extra special.

    Matt Heron

  • Andre was very friendly and easy to deal with when ordering my knife. I got exactly what I wanted, in a timely manner. The knife that showed up is beautiful and built like a tank. I absolutely recommend ADV if you’re looking for a high quality knife tricked out to your specifications.

    Matthew Patterson

  • I have owned several of ADV tacticals knives over the years. the beast, bowie,hummer and the recently acquired mini pitboss. They are without a doubt some of the best knives you can own! excellent fit and finish that has been dialed in even more precisely over the years. beefy and built like tanks with longevity and hard use in mind. incredible blade grinds and every one has came razor sharp! I would recommend and ADV to anyone who is looking for quality coming out of south

    Matthew Litke

  • Andre/ADV Tactical builds the best custom knives in the world. He is knives are tough as nails and completely custom, hand made. He is also a pleasure to work with. I’ve made many changes in the process of having a custom knife built and he had no problems making the changes and was very understanding. If your looking for the best custom knives in the world Andre/ADV Tactical is your man.

    Justin Tillman

  • Built like a tank and presentable as art, this beauty is a beast and it doesn’t hide it, action is smooth and the drop shut is oh so satisfying, if your thinking about getting one just stop thinking and do it!

    Freddy Miller